DIY: Make Your Own Canvas

I love coming up with unique ways to display photos around the house.  This is one of my favorites.  It's quick, easy and really pops when finished:  a DIY make-your-own canvas display.

To create your own, you'll need a 12x12 inch canvas, nine 4x4 inch photos and either masking tape or glue strips to attach the photos.  (This is a great way to display your favorite phone photos from your Instagram account.)

1. Use masking tape to attach your photos if you'd like to keep them available for other uses or to be able to rearrange the display in future.  2.  Press carefully down and wipe off any fingertips with a clean cloth.  3. If you prefer to attach your photos permanently, use glue strips.  They are available in 1-inch strips for the same price as the dots.  I've found that two strips per photo, one on top and one on bottom works well.  4.  Keep adding your photos until you're finished.

Voila, a unique 12x12 canvas full of photos you love!

I had a really fun make-your-own-canvas station at the craft fair last weekend.  Now that it's over, I have a lot of 4x4 inch photos that I'll be making collages out of.
I'll be adding a handful of these unique DIY canvas to my SHOP very soon!