I've known Logan's mom for a little over a year now.  Our daughter's dance ballet together.  She's is super sweet and we bonded when we spent a day together over the summer driving our girls to south Denver to get their first pair of pointe shoes.  I guess we're sort of "dance moms"--but more the relaxed kind rather than the super intense kind.  We realized that we shared a love for dance fitness--Jazzercise to be specific.  I used to be a Jazzercise instructor and she currently manages a class.  It's such a great workout and such fun music--but I digress.  Anyway, she asked me to take her son Logan's senior pictures over the summer, but Logan wasn't thrilled about the idea at first.  So, we waited for the fall.  The idea fell together, rather serendipitously.  My family and I were in downtown Greeley one weekend trying out a new Indian buffet (kids hated it, my hubby and I loved it!) and noticed a really cool art alley.  It's full of amazing walls and cool little nooks and crannies.  I said, "this would be a great location if someone wanted urban-feeling photos."  The next day Ann texted to ask if I was available to take Logan's pictures.  There you have it.  The location was a perfect fit for him.  Here are some of my favorites.