first day of school [last year & this year]

The girls went back to school last week and Mr. Z went back to preschool this week.  Since I never posted first day of school shots from last year, I thought I'd do one big post of them all.  

First up, Mr. Z.  
Quite the charming lil' guy!  It's his second year of preschool.  I asked him on the first day if he was nervous.  He sort of scoffed at me, "Nervous? Of course not!"  I think he's got it down this year.

Mr. Z, last year.

After taking his photos this year, he was cold and wanted to pull up his hood.  I couldn't resist another photo.  It's his "personality" shot.

His personality shot from last year.  He loves making faces for my camera!

 Miss A.  She's always got a sweet smile for the camera.  The girls are too old for personality shots.  They just want to smile and look good.  No goofey stuff.

Miss M.  I can't believe she's in 7th grade this year!

This year:

Last year: