holiday parties and teapots

David's work Holiday party last month was themed "Christmas past, Christmas future."  It took place at a gorgeous local restaurant and was beautifully decorated with amazing centerpieces.  We sat downstairs in "Christmas past" most of the evening across from another couple, coincidentally also named David and Christina.  We enjoyed their company a lot and as other co-workers and significant others stopped by, we had fun introducing ourselves.  Old cast iron objects and old top hats adorned many tables including this awesome tea kettle arrangement.  We were supposed to arm wrestle the others at the table to see who won the centerpiece, but the amazing woman in charge of all the decor just let us take it home.  Isn't it awesome?  We are big tea drinkers in our house, so I've been researching the idea of brewing tea in cast iron.  Apparently there is a divide in the tea-drinking community about whether brewing tea in pure cast iron or enamel-lined pots is better for health.  First, I need to figure out how to remove the rust from inside the pot!